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lead to another victim. and the incident that may have set off the suspected killer. ". a trail of dead bodies across the east bay. the incident that may have set off the suspected killer. >> just didn't sound right. clackity clack, and then ... >> a small plane crashes killing a world war ii veteran, why they say the pilot is a hero. unned by police. why o s say, the . he was tazed in his own home, a senior citizen, with a heart condition. stunned by police. why the officers say they had no choice. good evening, i'm dana king. . >> public art encouraging the sound of music in the south bay. only problem in vandals are leaving their mark. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. >> we have developing news tonight in the bay area killing spree. so far investigators have found four miami-dade and the chp
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killed a murder suspect on tuesday night. but there is still one man who is missing. he is the son of one of the victims and, tonight, cbs5 has exclusively learned the search for him is happening in the town of pittsburgh and that's where robert liles is tonight. robert? >> reporter: ken, we can tell you that the hunt for frederick sales may have taken a very grim turn tonight. investigative sources are confirming to cbs5 that hercules police spent the better part of this day searching lapped fills that service hercules. that sent cbs5 cameras on the hunt. it first led us to a landfill in richmond and then that ultimately led us right here to the keller canyon landfill here in pittsburgh where we are told scores have investigators spent this day correspondence donning off the landfill. hercules police found more than rita allen's 2002 cadillac escalade in a ravine outside
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the entrance to by on add corporation. investigates eggedtive source essay they also found a machete near the suv. as they canvassed the area they quickly found by oh-rad had survey surveillance cameras. that recorded a car driving from the area where the escalade was dumped toward trash dumpsters at the rear of bio rad's offices. that was early tuesday morning. keep in mind tuesday was the same day el francisco elson balance dye marrow led police on a high speed chase that led to his death. sources go on to say bio-rad surveillance cameras were not trained on the dumpster area so it's unclear where the car stopped. but where cameras stopped the noses of bio-rad employees picked up. investigative sources go on to say employees reported an incredibly foul odor coming from one of the dumpsters. however, by the time reports of
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the foul smell reached hercules police who were actively looking for 35-year-old frederick sales the dumpster was. >> emily: happen teed. the sanitation company had already collected the contents, either late tuesday, or early wednesday. the dumpster read richmond sanitation company. they traveled to the landfill where sanitation trucks were housed. we're told this is a transfer station, anything picked up from bio-rad tuesday or wednesday would have already been trucked to keller canyon landfill. police reports now shed light on a possible motive for frederick sales' murder. his black and blue nearly shut left eye was courtesy of ricardo and frederick sales. he accused 72-year-old ray care do seams who interfered with his relationship. that allegedly was enough for
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ricardo and him to hold her on the floor of the home and deliver a beat. so he signed two complaints seeking the arrest of ricardo and frederick is a less. but before they could be taken action by, his son frederick remains missing without a trace. now be because the trash was on tuesday or wednesday we are told investigators must go through tons of trash. they have already cordoned off a section of the land fill. we initially reported this story earlier tonight on our sister station the cw. we made several attempts to contact hercules police about the hunt for sales. those calls went unreturned until minutes ago when we received this email from hercules police announcing they have put out a call to police departments across the bay area asking that police officers
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assemble here at the landfill tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. to assist in the search of this landfill. ken? >> the story just continues to go on and get more bizarre every night. >> reporter: absolutely. >> in pittsburgh, thank you robert. we're also learning about the man who had been living with two decomposing bodies. right íenburg is a chemical engineer. he is in jail. they found him in his home tuesday where they also found the bodies of two women. they searched the back yard where they found barrels with japanese writing on them. the only word in english was the word "toxic," they also found a bought of depleted uranium on the property. he worked at good rich in fairfield. the company says it does not use uranium. he will be charged tomorrow on charges of possessing explosives. three people were killed when a small plane crashed into a shallow lagoon redwood city. one of the victims was a 91-
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year-old world war ii veteran, they say the twin engine plane went into a dive and plunged into the water shortly after takeoff from the san carlos airport. linda yee tells us some say the pilot made an heroic decision. >> reporter: kai jiangers and others jumped if to the lagoon moments after the plane crashed. >> they swam as fast as they could, but the large gas slick they stayed away from, they couldn't get even right to the plane until the first emerges diver got here. >> reporter: they immediately found 1 victim in the murky and gas liked water. >> we did find approximately a 40-year-old woman who was just outside of the aircraft in the water and pulled her to the shoreline. she is deceased. >> reporter: witnesses who live and work in the redwood shores area describe the horrific crash. >> it just didn't sound right, kind of clackity clack, and then some, and someone who was actually looking that way said "that plane just went in the water." >> reporter: the f aa said the
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aircraft was a beach 65 queen air owned by steal company founder robert bore man, he the pilot and the pilot's girlfriend was believed to be in the plane. they believe they were taking to it san martin for its yearly faa pick. they spotted the bodies of bore man and his pilot in the wreckage of the plane which is now submerged in that lagoon. they'll not be recovered until investigators with the national transportation safety board get here. bore man was a bomber pilot who knew 52 combat missions during world war ii but his flying days were over. >> he was a very qualified pilot, bob was the world war ii b-17 pilot that not in germany and had made many raids over germany, and he owned a series of aircraft. he was in his 90s, however, and i don't believe he had a medical any more and he was taking another pilot with him.
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>> reporter: bore man employees were in shock who said they lost a good friend. a man at 91 still came in every day to the chemo built after the war. the faa said finding the cause have the crash could take months. linda yee, cbs5. also in the news tonight east bay man who police say shot and badly wound add fremont police officer is back in the bay area tonight. 20-year-old andrew barrientos was arrested in san diego county near the mexican border on saturday. investigators say he confessed to shooting officer todd young last friday. as young tried to arrest him on a domestic violence warrant. young is in serious but stable condition tonight. barrientos is scheduled to be arraigned next week on attempted murder and other charges. and a marin county man is suing his local sheriff's department after a deputy repeatedly shocked him with a stun gun. take a look. >> put your hands behind your back. >> put your hands behind your
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back. >> now. [ yelling ] >> well deputies went to 64- year-old peter macfarlane's house after he fell last year and he refused to be taken to the hospital because he says he didn't have any insurance. his wife is heard on the tape saying "macfarlane has a heart condition. when macfarlane ignores a deputy's order to put his hands behind his back and stands up, that's when they zapped him. he was shot at least four times with the stun gun. >> they came in here like there was a fire goin' on or some 2001 fight was goin' on. >> what i saw on that video was a non-life-threatening situation turned in a life- threatening one. >> marin county sheriff's department says its deputies were following the law and department policy. the santa clara county planning commission tonight denied an effort to block a new cell phone tower from being built in los altos. neighbors turned out to the meeting to oppose that plan. a los altos couple wants to let verizon put up a 55-foot-tall cell tower on their property.
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the couple already has three other towers on their land. neighbors say that the property owners are violating zoning rules by creating what they call an illegal cell tower farm. >> no i'm not happy right now but i do know it's a necessary step for the ultimate goal which is to have that 55-foot fourth cell tower in a residential neighborhood denied. >> the property owners say that they are within their rights and verizon will disguise it to look like a tree. the neighbors will now take their appeal to the santa clara board of supervisors. taggers are leaving their art on some musical art in san jose. andalized. this piano, along with 19 part of an art ♪[ music ] this girl is playing a piano that has been vandalised believe it or not t piano along with 19 others is part of an art project. all of them were painted and decorated by community groups around town for anyone to particular actually ivories. at least four of the
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instruments, however, have been tagged. one, just five hours after being installed. this international art project is called "play me, i'm yours." there is no major cases of vandalism reported in any other participating cities. slapped in the face, wrestled to the floor and slammed into walls. what one college freshman says happened when she tried to join a bay area so roar tee. and another side of how tough things have gotten. the bay area city that is on the verge of doing away with its entire police department. . >> sorry guys, when it comes to a night on the town, why it's good to be a lady. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now. hazing, beatings and intimidation. now, she's filed a lawsuit against the sorority and . a former san jose state student says her sorority experience was a nightmare of hazings beatings and defamation. now she has filed a lawsuit against the school. the abuse she says she suffered, don knapp. >> reporter: so report sisters show their stuff for incoming students at san jose state pitching the positives of going greek. but no one is here from is iguodala ma game a row, they have been banned for hazing. >> we undergo an investigative process, we talk to witnesses,
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collect evidence. this is an eight-year suspension so yes, we're taking this very seriously. >> reporter: spokeswoman pat harris says hazing is never allowed here at san jose state and they advice students what constitutes hazing. the alleged haying we're talking about was back in 2008. it was a criminal matter and now it's a lawsuit. courtney howard is suing for what she says happened. documents posted on the smoking web site detail 16 nights of alleged hazing that began with sorority sisters hosing down blind folded pledge and the documents allege warning them that the snitches get stitches. over the course of the month of september of 2008 pledge were struck in the hands, knuckles and legs with wooden spoons, slapped in the face, wrestled to the floor and slammed into walls, pledge jade atkins was was ordered to wrestle another pledge and was knocked out when her head struck the floor. another pledge carried her to the bathroom to put water on
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her face and weak her up. courtney howard now a student at usc said hazing injuries led her to go to the take a doctor twice. >> black so reporters get a lot of media and a lot of wrongdoings have some occurred so i can't say anyone is fare. >> but jocelyn baird denies things happened the way they are outlined in the complaint documents, she says she saw none of it, and now as a senior the lawsuit is weighing heavily on her mind and she says she feels harassed by it. >> totally. jocelyn feels harassed. i can't tell how the others field, but personally i do feel harassed. >> reporter: in february of this year jocelyn beard and three of her so report sisters deleted pleaded no contest to charges of hazing. they served brief jail sentences and were banned from further sororities on campus. coon don knapp, cbs5. and checking other
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headlines, san carlos is a step closer to disbanding the police department. they approved a money-saving plan to contract out those services to the san mateo county police department. most sworn officers in san carlos would become sheriff's deputies but some administrative jobs could be cut if the county board of supervisors approves the plan, the sheriff's department would take over next month. after three years of getting free gasoline alameda's fire chief was placed on paid administrative leave today. david cap letter has been gassing up his personal bmw convertible and his honda truck on the city's tab. he says it was a part of the pay deal that he cut with the former city manager. but no one at city hall has been ever able to find a recovered of that agreement. not including fuel, cap letter's salary is nearly $200,000. firefighters today quickly knocked down a small grass fire in east san jose, that two
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alarm fire broke out about 3:00 this afternoon near mount pleasant in clayton roads. the fire burned and got within 20 feet of some homes. cal fire helped out with planes doing air drops. one firefighter injured his arm, and had to be taken to the hospital. all right. a big weekend is upon us. what will our weather be? >> i am still thinking about that fire in the san jose fire because it was i delist particular for those conditions, 96 degrees, 14 degrees above normal. humidity down to 18%, wind out of the northwest, offshore flow up to 20. tonight the circle of palms under clear skies. temperature has dropped now down to the 60s, what you could anticipate tomorrow morning for your commute. we have the return of the marine layer, so the humidity is going up. we have the bank of clouds at the coast moving into the bay, some pretty clear skies inland for that sun up at 6:41. high pressure still in command but we do have the development of the area and fog at the coast.
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in fact our pinpoint forecast place test clouds trying to move inland in the overnight hours. official sun up we'll be able to see it in our inland areas, fog/sun mix at the bay. the clearing at the coast during the afternoon hours but boy that cooler air mass alost will not back the temperatures. tonight, overnight, in san francisco 57 degrees after a high today of 83. typically we should be at 71. low 60s across the santa clara valley. otherwise pretty much in the 50s, your pinpoint forecast for your get away friday. down from 96 to 87 in san jose, 90s around saratoga to the low 90s in loss jatos 60s, 70s at the beaches. and by the way, sherrill stark sent in this photo of 104 degrees there. we want to see your photos at mypix at tomorrow in pleasanton, down from the triple digits to 95 degrees, still above normal, north of the golden gate bridge temperatures from 67 degrees in citizen son beach, 90 in
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sonoma, there is your labor day forecast. mid-60s, coast, mid-80s inland. the extended forecast calls for the clouds to return and knocking back the temperatures each and every day, by this time next week we'll be talking about unseasonably cool temperatures. that is the pinpoint forecast. hang out, stay with us, we'll be right back. . pinpoint weather sponsored by mancini sleep world. ,,,, [ female announcer ] it's the jcpenney
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. "eyewitness news" is brought to you by the new thriller, the american, starring george clooney, now playing. hurricane earl is causing just minor flooding at this point in some coastal communities in north carolina. authorities will wait until daybreak to check for any damage, the eye of the hurricane is expected to get about 100 miles from the outer banks. earl has weakened but is still a strong category 2 storm. it is expected to make its way up the eastern school board. a tropical storm warning has been issued for new england from the coast of massachusetts to maine. now the hurricane could mess up your travel plans if you're flying to the east coast for the holiday weekend. many airlines have already said that they'll waive any fees to change your flight or make up the difference if you need to cancel your plans entirely.
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but, of course, if you are flying it's always a food idea to check ahead. >> you bet. all this storm talk brings us to tonight's good question. why are they called "hurricanes" here but cyclones in other parts of the world? they can go by different names but the recipe is nearly always the same. big storms that spin near too equator, go spinning out with heavy rains, low pressure and driving damaging winds. the ingredient of what are generally called cyclones. >> we call them tropical cyclones, it's kind of the overall name that we give hurricanes, tropical depressions, tropical storms. >> tom evans, part of the team of meatologist who staff the national weather service headquarters in monterey, from their satellites they can monitor the world's storms. >> when we get into the stronger tropical cyclones we seether hurricanes, when we talk about the eastern north
11:25 pm
pacific's, we call them typhoons once they cross the date line and go into the western north pacific. >> evan says they go by other names as well. that's usually when you're running away from them. in the northern hemisphere they spin counter-clockwise and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. >> that actually has to do with the core yoel iseffect. the core yoel iseffect will allow the winds to curve depending on which hem fear you're in. in this case we get a cure to the right as you go from the north pole to the equator, they quay. >> the ed rakers finish up the preseason at home against seattle. the win would be win number 3 and the niners were actually playing for something. a win over san diego and they would be the only unbeaten team. did they do it? stick around. sports up next. playing with my kids was not an option. when a lot of doctors could have gone in
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the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. only team in the league to go ated in the pre-se . all right. who said tonight's female was meaning less. the niners had the chance to be the only team in the league to go undefeated in the preseason, nobody had a better preseason than running back anthony dixon. here is the call. >> on the first offensive possession, josh morgan, pitch back to dixon, cut back, nice move by the rookie. inside the 40, the 30, the 20, he could go, inside the 10 and he streaks, touchdown, 49ers. [ cheering and applause ]
11:29 pm
>> wow. that is outstanding. from a 245-pound back. >> our very own dennis o'donnell, great call dennis, way to go on the other seidmany lawson, coming hard, he bats it up and takes it and he is off. one of search combined turnovers, the niners win 17-14 and complete the perfect season. >> the last time they won four in a row was 1982. >> i was born in 1985, i was still in elementary school. >> you hear thatterrible. >> 7 years old. >> it was my third year in the league, okay? i was a baby. . >> 1985. all right. jason campbell was inactive for the raiders preseason finale but don't reed too much into that, the team insist he'll be ready to go for week 1. a little stinger, pete carroll back in the nfl for the first time since 1989. the raiders marched down the field, looking good is the
11:30 pm
silver and black. manase tonga takes the screen and goes untouched into the end zone, 7-0 raiders much after getting a field goal on the second drive, bruce gradkowski got them back in the end zone on their third position he fired a strike to johnnie lee higgins, they rack up close to 400 yards as they beat the seahawks 27-24. you saw pete carroll, the man who replaced him, lane kiffin, he has thrown five touchdowns so far, the men of troy lead hawaii 42-23 in the fourth. but it doesn't matter how many points they put up because the trojans aren't bowl-eligible until 2012. the bronx was burning up today 100 degrees in new york. 101 right there. too hot for dallas braden, he left in the sixth inning with heat related cramps. that will get you. meanwhile another day at the office for c.c. sabathia, the vallejo native tossed 8 shutout innings and improved to 19-5. seventh inning curtis granderson hit a two hundred shot off of michael
11:31 pm
wuertz, a two-home run day for mr. granderson, they beat them and sweep the four-game series. finally finishing up with a little hoops. they wrapped up tool play against tunisia, nobody guards him, he steps in, gets the easy layup, just like that. 13 points for curry, wins 92-57 to remain unbeaten, they'll take on angola in the round of 16. >> what a beat-down. >> 92-47. >> that was right. that was it. >> don't mess with the usa i guess. >> especially if you're tunisia.? tunisia in this particular game. >> we'll be right back. ,, banana pancakes. french fries. happy birthday cake.
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witpizk.'s here.ices. ♪ . women who like a party have reason to celebrate tonight. >> that's right. because we still get our nights at the bars and night clubs. that's right. a federal court ruled ladies nights are legal. the battle stems from one man who claimed it's unconstitutional to offer women cheaper drinks and cover charges and that the promotions discriminate against men. he did not get the whole draw? any way. >> yeah. >> even though the court said no to the lawsuit the man said he will take the case to the supreme court. >> kick it up. kick it up a little higher. >> now there are a couple, you know, there are three women on the court. >> there you go ladies. >> ha ha

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